Beyond 5Gの実現に新たな光 キラル磁気超構造が示す集団共鳴運動の観察に成功(2022/06/30)

Beyond 5Gの実現に新たな光 キラル磁気超構造が示す集団共鳴運動の観察に成功
(D01班 計画研究:島本雄介, 戸川欣彦, 2022/6/30)

*Y. Shimamoto, Y. Matsushima, T. Hasegawa, Y. Kousaka, I. Proskurin, J. Kishine, A. S. Ovchinnikov, F. J. T. Goncalves and Y. Togawa
”Observation of Collective Resonance Modes in a Chiral Spin Soliton Lattice with Tunable Magnon Dispersion”,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 247203/1-6(2022), 査読有,

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