12/26(Tue.)- 12/28(Thu.)FYR05 QLC meeting(Kashiwa campus, University of Tokyo)

2023/12/28 Additional information:
Two winners of the 5th QLC Young Researcher Award have been announced.
2023/12/14 Updated:
FYR05 QLC meeting Abstract Book
2023/12/4 Updated:
Program, Poster Presentation List
2023/11/30 Additional information:
Program_tentative, Poster Presentation List,
FYR05 QLC meeting Poster Session Guideline
Banquet Information
2023/11/20 Additional information:
The application for Poster Presentation and QLC Young Researcher Awards has been closed.

FYR05 QLC meeting

FYR05 QLC meeting will be held on Dec. 26-28, 2023.
We will have oral presentations by QLC members and poster presentations by general researchers.
In this meeting, we offer the QLC Young Researcher Awards to up to five students and/or young postdocs.

Date:December 26(Tue.) – 28(Thu.), 2023
Venue6F Lecture Room, ISSP, Kashiwa Campus, University of Tokyo

Program(updated:20231204, pdf. file)
Poster Presentation List(updated:20231204, pdf. File)
FYR05 QLC meeting Poster Session Guideline(pdf. file)
FYR05 QLC meeting Abstract Book (pdf. file, 5.5MB)  *password required

Language: Japanese (Slides are in English.)
Registration fee:free
Registration:Required.  Please register by the deadline using this form
Registration deadline
Attending with oral/poster presentation: by noon, November 20 (Mon.), 2023 → closed
Attending without presentation: by noon, December 6 (Wed.), 2023  → closed

*Oral presentations:
Presenters are the QLC Planned Research group members and QLC 2nd Publicly offered Research members only.

*Poster presentations:
General researchers, except for the Oral Presenters in this meeting, are welcomed to participate in the Poster presentation.

 Date&Time:December 27 (Wed.), 2023  18:00~20:00
 Place:”Plaza Ikoi”, Kashiwa Campus, University of Tokyo,
 Fee: General=3,500yen, Student=2,000yen

*If you wish to participate in the Banquet, please register by filling in the registration form by noon on Wednesday 6 December.    → closed

*If you wish to change your Banquet participation after sending in the registration form, please fill in the registration form again by the same date (noon on Wednesday 6 December).

*Please note that no refunds will be made for cancellations after noon on Wednesday 6 December.


How to join the meeting

Pre-registration is required.

1.If you want to join the meeting without your presentation,
access the google registration form of this meeting, submit your information.

Deadline:by noon, December 6 (Wed.), 2023

2.If you want to give a presentation,

access the google registration form of this meeting, submit your information.
In addition, fill the abstract of your presentation in the following the abstract template (Word file), make a less than 1 MB in size PDF file, and send it to qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp  (replace [at]  with @).

Poster presentations will be closed when the number of entries reaches the specified number.
Please note, in such cases, it will be accepted in order of receipt by the set of registration forms and abstract file.

Lecture Time
QLC Planned Research group members : total 15 minutes including questions
QLC Publicity Offered Research group members : total 12 minutes including questions

December 26 and December 27, each day in the afternoon, for approximately 1.5 hours.
→ Poster presentation changed to December 27 (Wed.), 2023 only.
  Poster presenters are requested to confirm the FYR05 QLC meeting Poster Session Guideline and send the required documents to qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at]  with @) by December 20 (Wed.), 2023.

Language: Japanese (Slides are in English.)

Deadlineby noon, November 20 (Mon.), 2023 → closed
* When your registration is completed, a reply email will be automatically delivered. And after the registration deadline, the URL of the meeting ID will be sent to you.

QLC Young Researcher Award

We will offer QLC Young Researcher Awards at this meeting. About five winners will be selected and receive a certificate (depending on the number of applicants). Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers are encouraged to apply for this award.

The applicant must be a graduate student or a post-doctoral researcher who received doctoral degree within these five years.
It is required to give a poster presentation in this meeting.

The applicant is request to check the “Apply for the QLC Young Researcher Award” box on the registration form, and submit the following application documents: CV, a publication list (free form), and an abstract of presentation. PDF file of these documents have to be sent to qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at]  with @).

Deadline by noon, November 20 (Mon.), 2023 → closed

* Past winners of the QLC Young Researcher Award:1st2nd3rd4th

Two winners of the 5th QLC Young Researcher Award have been announced.

FUJIMOTO, Manato(Harvard University / the University of Tokyo )
”First Landau level in moiré system at zero magnetic field”

TAKAHASHI, Ryunosuke(University of Hyogo)
“All-optical switching in NiCo2O4 thin films using ultrafast lasers”