In this innovative area research, we will promote new collaborations between researchers from different fields, to clarify and control the physical properties of Quantum Liquid Crystals (QLCs). We aim to understand the ground states of different QLCs; to establish the universal features common to all QLCs; and to understand the diversity of phenomena seen in experiment. In addition, by using state-of-the-art technologies, we will elucidate and control the elementary excitations of QLCs. This will lay the foundation for future QLC-based technologies exploiting the flexible characteristics of liquid crystals, and the large and fast responses of quantum systems.


Within this innovative research area, we have identified four different themes, based on methodology, which will be used to promote new collaborations.

[A01: Development of QLC materials]
To develop and characterize new materials in which novel QLC states emerge, using a broad range of established and original synthesis techniques.

[B01: Advanced measurements of QLCs]
To elucidate QLC electronic states in experiment, by using a combination of established high-precision measurement techniques and through the development of new techniques, in combination with different technologies.

[C01: Theory of QLCs]
To describe the order parameters of QLCs and effects of their quantum fluctuations, as well as to design QLC materials and their functionality.

[D01: Control and functionality of QLCs]
To control QLC states and search for useful QLC functions, by utilizing micromachining-based nanoscience and ultrafast optics.

Research in this area will be interdisciplinary, and aims to establish the basics of new quantum technologies.