8/8(Tue.)- 8/10(Thu.)International Conference on Quantum Liquid Crystals 2023 (QLC2023)(Hokkaido University)

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Important dates, Registration

International Conference on Quantum Liquid Crystals 2023 (QLC2023) 

August 8-10, 2023
Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

QLC2023 Program
QLC2023 Poster Presentation List
QLC2023 Poster Session Guideline

Abstract Book
QLC2023 Abstract Book  (pdf. file, 8.7MB)  *password required

→ Titled “【resend】QLC2023 (8/8-10) Conference information” (or “【再送】QLC2023 (8/8-10) 会議情報”) mail was emailed from qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp, dated August 7, around 15pm (JST) to all participants.
If you do not receive this email, please contact qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at] with @).

Important dates
Abstract submission deadline:  May 31, 2023 → closed
Registration deadline (Free of charge):  June 30, 2023
Conference starts:  August 8, 2023

Recently, electronic states with broken rotational symmetry of underlying lattice, which have similarities to liquid crystals, have been observed in a variety of solid materials. These unusual electronic states include electronic nematic phases in iron-based, cuprate, and heavy fermion superconductors, and spin nematics in magnetic materials. In a wider view, one can find a variety of symmetry breaking states in quantum fluids, such as nematic spin liquids, exotic spin textures, nematic superconductivity, and FFLO states, which also have some similar aspects to liquid crystals. These electronic states, which may be called “Quantum Liquid Crystals”, have been studied independently in the fields of quantum spins, strongly-correlated metals, and superconductivity, but there may be some common underlying physics.

This international conference brings together world-leading scientists from a broad range of disciplines working on such quantum liquid crystalline states of electronic systems. These communities will have an opportunity to appreciate how these areas are interlinked thereby stimulating further understanding and new collaborations. This conference is organized within the framework of KAKENHI project on innovative areas “Quantum Liquid Crystals” supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Information on the previous conference (QLC2021) can be found here.

(Co-Chairs)    Takasada Shibauchi (University of Tokyo)
         Tsuyoshi Kimura (University of Tokyo)
Local organizer: Yasunori Toda (Hokkaido University)

Program committee:
(Chair)    Ryotaro Arita (RIKEN & University of Tokyo)
      Tetsuo Hanaguri (RIKEN)
      Tsuyoshi Kimura (University of Tokyo)
      Kensuke Kobayashi (University of Tokyo)
      Hiroshi Kontani (Nagoya University)
      Kenya Ohgushi (Tohoku University)
      Nic Shannon (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)
      Takasada Shibauchi (University of Tokyo)
      Takami Tohyama (Tokyo University of Science)

The QLC2023 conference will be held in person at:
Open Hall, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

Suggested hotels include:
JR tower hotel nikko sapporo
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo

Please note that August 11 is a holiday in Japan, so we suggest booking your room early.

Registration (Free of charge)
Please resister through the Google Forms.
The deadline is June 30, 2023.

Abstract submission
Please submit 1-page abstract in a pdf format to qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at]  with @).
Please use the Word format and convert it to a pdf file.
The submission deadline is May 31, 2023. → closed

Invited speakers
Andrey V. Chubukov (University of Minnesota, USA)
Pengcheng Dai (Rice University, USA)
Atsushi Fujimori (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
Sara Haravifard (Duke University, USA)
Peter J. Hirschfeld (University of Florida, USA)
Shintaro Ishiwata (Osaka University, Japan)
Hirokazu Kobayashi (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)
Kenta Kuroda (Hiroshima University, Japan)
K. T. Law (HKUST, Hong Kong)
Abhay N. Pasupathy (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)
Natalia Perkins (University of Minnesota, USA)
Carsten Putzke (EPFL, Switzerland)
Takafumi Sato (Tohoku University, Japan)

qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp  (replace [at]  with @)


Two winners of the QLC2023 Young Researcher Award have been announced.

Dr. Masahiro Naritsuka (PD, RIKEN)
”Superconductivity in the monolayer NbSe2 twisted on graphene”

Mr. Shunsuke Nishimura (D1, University of Tokyo)
”Quantitative imaging of superconducting vortices penetrating a thin film using diamond quantum sensor”