6/17(Fri.)- 6/18(Sat.)2nd Publicly Offered Research Kickoff meeting (Kashiwa Campus, Univ. of Tokyo)

2022/6/15 additional information:
Registration form has been closed.
“Meeting ID” has been emailed to all registrants.
2022/5/9 additional information:
 Program  (2022/5/9 up-to-date version) are now available.
2022/4/25 additional information:
Registration form and Program (tentative) are now available.


 Our research area has welcomed to new 26 members to four Publicly Offered Research groups in this April. We would be happy to announce that the kickoff meeting of the 2nd Phase of the Publicly Offered Research groups will be held as below.
 In this meeting, 26 members will introduce their research plan in this innovative area.
 We look forward to your entries.

QLC, 2nd Phase of the Publicly Offered Research Kickoff Meeting

Date&Time : Friday, June 17, 2022. 10:00-18:25、Saturday, June 18, 2022. 9:30-12:10
Place     :Lecture Room (A632), ISSP, The University of Tokyo (Kashiwa campus) and online using “Zoom” (Hybrid style meeting)
Language  : Japanese (Slides are in English.)
Registration : Required. Please register from here by the deadline.
Deadline  :noon, Monday, June 13, 2022. → closed

→ ”Meeting ID” has been emailed to all registrants from qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at] with @).
If you do not receive these emails, please contact qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp (replace [at] with @).

*The number of people entering the venue need to be controlled due to measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.
For this reason, entry to the venue will be limited to those who are QLC members and have notified us in advance that will be attending the event on-site.
If you are the applicable members, please let us know via registration form in the emailed separately dated on April 25, 2022.

*We are widely welcome for all others to join this meeting via online.

*Due to the change of the University of Tokyo’s activity restriction guideline level for preventing the spread of COVID-19, the style of this this meeting may be changed.

Program  (pdf. file)
*No Abstract Book will be distributed.

Contact  :qlc_meeting[at]qlc.jp  (replace [at] with @)