QLC Seminar

The 9th QLC seminar

Speaker:Dr. Roland Willa (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Date & Time : Friday, November 29, 2019. 15:30~17:00
Place:Room 2B6, Kibanto, Shin-ryoiki, Kashiwa Campus, The University of Tokyo

Title:Strain-tuning of electronic nematicity in low-dimensional systems


Electronic fluctuations in low-dimensional systems can split a single phase transition of two degenerate primary (charge, magnetic) orders into a sequence of two transitions: The degeneracy is lifted at the first, so-called preemptive, transition, while the appearance of the primary order awaits the second one. In many cases the preemptive phase breaks discrete lattice symmetries and hence is very sensitive to strain tuning. I will discuss a generic approach to capture this preemptive phase and its response to strain and focus more specifically on the Ising nematic order in pnictide compounds. Understanding this exciting phenomenon may provide key insights to the low-temperature physics of correlated electronic systems.

Committee Chair:Takasada SHIBAUCHI (The University of Tokyo)